The Faith Hope and Charity Project

Our Shop is being refurbished. 

The Faith Hope and Charity Project is a vision Halstead Baptist Church has to establish an ecumenical High Street presence in Halstead. 

 We have purchased a High Street property from the sale of land we owned. God has given us the right property, at the right price at the right time.

The project at this stage of development has been called Faith, Hope and Charity based on a well known passage of scripture, 1 Corinthians 13:13. The name of the Project may change prior to launch. 

The shop will provide low cost charity items such as clothing, shoes and other items for the people of Halstead and the surrounding communities, villages and towns.

There will be a drop in area so that people can drop in for a coffee and a chat, as the shop will be staffed by volunteer Christians from the local churches.

We will have trained Christians counsellors linked to the project so that those in need of more than just a chat, can be offered help appropriate to the point of their need. There will also be links to local life coaches and local organisations some of which we will grant permission to use free of chare office space when meeting clients, and a host of programmes offered to help those in need or just if people wish to better themselves. If it helps local people, we will help.

The shop will be non-profit making, and though ecumenical will act under the charitable status of Halstead Baptist Church. After the running costs of the project are met, any additional money raised will be given primarily to local causes and projects supported by the partnering churches.

Please pray that the Faith Hope and Charity Project will be a Beacon of Light, shining the grace of Christ into the lives of the people in the Halstead area. It is going to happen, we are now at stage two of the plan and are refurbishing the shop at this time ready to open in 2018.