Recent Online Bible Studies

Below are teaching resources to help you become the person God calls you to be so that you can do the things He calls you to do. Browse the Catalogue and select the message that is right for you. God will change your life and your destiny when you apply the truths of His word to your life.

Ezra the Reformer Pt1.

Ezra the Reformer Pt2.

The Book of Nahum Pt1. Chapter 1

The Book of Nahum
Pt2. Chapter 2

The Book of Nahum
Pt3. Chapter 3

The Book of Jonah Pt1. Chapter 1

The Book of Jonah
Pt5. Chapter 5

The Book of Jonah 
Pt2. Chapter 2

The Book of Jonah
Pt3. Chapter 3

The Book of Jonah
Pt4. Chapter 4

What Will Heaven be like?

Testimony of Seeing an Angel

Spiritual Territories

We are Living in a Prophetic Hour

Book of 2 & 3 John

A look at the New Testament's view on slavery

Sean talks about his novel The Simal

Book of Obadiah

Book of Jude

Book of Peter Pt1

Book of Peter Pt2

5 Stones for 5 Giants

9 Truths to Set You Free

God Chisel's You to Perfect You

The Holy Spirit Pt1

The Holy Spirit Pt5

The Holy Spirit Pt2

The Holy Spirit Pt3

The Holy Spirit Pt4


Spiritual Drug Addicts

Be Prepared for Answered Prayer

Enter Through the Narrow Gate

The Virgin Birth is True

Psalm 133

An Overview of the Bible

How to Pray the Perfect Prayer

Jesus the Crucified King

Jesus the Servant King

Jesus the Resurrected King

Nothing is Impossible with God

Reformation before Revival

A look at Nehemiah's endurance under pressure

Victory in Testing Times

The Magnificat

The Life of Moses Pt1

The Life of Moses

The Life of Moses

The Life of Moses Pt4

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