'For I didn’t shrink from declaring all that God wants you to know.' 

Acts 20:27

Here are a selection of some of recent and past Sunday Sermons & Bible Studies. 

The selection changes regularly so do check back here often. 

Bible Study 20th January 2022

Sunday Service 
16th January 2022


The Parables of Jesus Pt1


The Parables of Jesus Pt4


The Miracles of Jesus Pt2

The Parables of Jesus Pt2


The Parables of Jesus Pt5


The Miracles of Jesus Pt3

The Parables of Jesus Pt3


The Miracles of Jesus Pt1


Our Current Bible Study Series on 
'The Uniqueness of Israel.' 

The Uniqueness of Israel Pt1


The Uniqueness of Israel P5 

The Uniqueness of Israel Pt2


The Uniqueness of Israel P6

The Uniqueness of Israel Pt3


The Uniqueness of Israel P7

The Uniqueness of Israel Pt4

The Uniqueness of Israel P8

Why have Billions of people given their life to Christ, past and present. Learn more about why He came into this world.


Jesus the Humble King

Jesus the Ascended King

Jesus the Crucified King

Who is Jesus?

Jesus the Resurrected King

Jesus the Returning King


A Selection of Sermon Series


A Selection of Bible Studies


A Bible Study Series on the mysterious and puzzling Book of Revelation and the End Times.

The Book of Jonan contains many fascinating and powerful spiritual lessons for today.

The very concept of talking about the word of God, in the form of a sermon or talk, can be found in the Book of Ezra.


A Selection of Audio Sermons


I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of His appearing and His kingdom: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. 

2 Timothy 4:1-2

Therefore, those who had been scattered went about
preaching the word.
Acts 8:4

But just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who examines our hearts.
1 Thessalonians 2:4