Church Activities

Whether it is on our doorstep, in our local community or much further afield, mission has been a long-established focus of HBC church life. Reaching out, showing and sharing God's love is central to the Good News of the Gospel, meeting people's needs, practically and spiritually. 
The wellbeing of the community in which we live is the key focus of HBC church life. We aim to show God's love to our neighbours, where we work, to the person working on the checkout counter, wherever God leads us. 

Some are involved with larger organisations and initiatives within the locality.

Sunday Morning Service at 10.30 a.m.
ollowed by coffee and chat.
Communion is received on the First Sunday of the Month.
We Have a Weekly Bible Study in the Home of One of Our Members.

Our weekly Bible Studies are in home or the church building as advertise. We often produce online Bible study content in addition. 

Tools with a Mission (T.W.A.M.) 

  • This group meets in the garages at the rear of our church to recycle tools which are sent to Third World countries to provide a livelihood for those in need. Volunteers and donations of old tools welcome. The group meets on Friday mornings so please drop off any tools then.
You may need to contact the relevant groups below to find details about their meeting times and if they are open to visitors.

The Following Community Groups use our facilities

  • AA
  • Halstead History Society
  • Living Sober
  • Keep Fit
  • The Big Sing
  • See Hire our Facilities if you would like to hire a hall or a room
  • Parent's and Toddler Group

In the past we have held flower shows and arts and craft festivals and hope to do so again in the future.

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